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The Green Design Collective is in the early stages of development, and as such, all of the necessary help functions have not yet been identified.
  • For instructions on how to use the site to find renovation design strategies that can help you save energy, click the how to... link.

  • To access the interactive map and find low-energy homes near you, or to place your own low-energy home on the map, select interactive case study map.

  • For a list of common terms used throughout the site, select glossary.

  • For a list of links which you can use to learn more about saving energy through design, select links.

  • To visit the Green Design Collective's blog, which is updated regularly and includes new information about saving energy or using renewable energy in buildings, select gdc / blog.

  • For other inquiries or specific problems that you have encountered while using the site, please select about to contact site administration.
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