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The following resources sparked the inspiration for this web site. The Green Design Collective is extremely grateful for the previous research conducted and presented in these publications:

Sun, Wind, & Light: Architectural Design Strategies, 2nd Edition by G.Z. Brown and Mark DeKay
Climatic Building Design: Energy-Efficient Building Principles and Practices by Donald Watson, FAIA and Kenneth Labs
Architecture and Energy by Richard Stein
Thermal Delight in Architecture by Lisa Heschong
Native American Architecture by Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton
Climate Consultant 4, HEED, etc. created by Murray Milne and associates

The following links are provided to help you learn more about green design principles. Click on a tab to see the links in that category.

More Tools and Tips for Greening Your Home
EnergyTaxIncentives.org: a guide to finding tax incentives for building green
16 Easy Ways to Green Your Home by the U.S. Green Building Council
Home Energy Saver by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A Consumer's Guide to Greening Your Home by the U.S. Department of Energy
Building Design Advisor by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Home Energy Efficient Design (HEED) by Murray Milne/UCLA
Energy Star Target Finder by Energy Star/US EPA
Building Energy Software Tools Directory by U.S. Department of Energy
Carbon Footprint Calculators
MyFootprint.org: Calculate your ecological footprint
Build Carbon Neutral: Estimate the embodied carbon of a building
Consumer Consequences: A game to find out if you are consuming sustainably
Global Warming Footprint: An estimator provided by the US Senate
Zerofootprint.net: a "One Minute Calculator"
Planet Green Game: A game that teaches you about reducing carbon emissions
Environmentally-Friendly Transportation
Google Transit: Plan a trip using public transportation
Calories Burned Calculator: Calculate how many calories you burn walking, biking, etc.
Gmaps Pedometer: Calculate how far you walk
USA National Gas Temperature Map: Compare gas prices around the country
HybridCars.com: Auto Alternatives for the 21st Century
AutoBlogGreen: Blog about fuel-efficient cars
ZipCar: ZipCar car sharing system
Connect by Hertz: Hertz's car sharing system
BioDiesel.org: Official site of the National Biodiesel Board
FillUp4Free.com: Network of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) filling stations
GoldenFuelSystems.com: Convert your diesel vehicle to accept biofuel
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