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What does the GreenDesignCollective do, exactly?
  • For homeowners, it offers you a resource where you can learn about renovation design strategies that could help you save energy.
  • For designers, it will be a place where you can reach out to others who are interested in green design and expand your knowledge.
  • For everyone, it is a collective of ideas intended to benefit the national movement towards energy conservation and more environmentally-friendly architecture.

To get started, review the following symbols, which are used throughout the site.

Each of the energy-saving renovation strategies listed on this Web site is given one or more of five designations: daylighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, or power. These categories describe what the strategies are best used for; in other words, is it going to help you with ventilating and heating your home, or just with cooling? Will it help you incorporate renewable energy, i.e. power? And so on. The five categories are shown here with their respective icons.
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